Horse Lovers Store

Shipping & Returns

1.1 Shipping Policy – Horse Lovers’ Store (HLS)

Where Do We Ship?

We endeavor to ship our products to any location in the world. However, some restrictions do apply which are noted below. You will be notified if we are unable to ship specific items to the address you have selected.




All physical orders fulfilled by HLS, are shipped via standard Post.

How Much Does It Cost?

Shipping costs are calculated and provided to the customer at the time of order placement based on the weight/size of the package and the destination (different rates apply for domestic, U.S. and international locations).

When Do We Ship & When Will I Receive My Package?

Building Plans – Hard copies of building plans are sent via email to the customer within 24 hours of order placement and payment confirmation.



All Other Products – Orders are fulfilled by HLS generally within 48 hours based on in-stock position, payment confirmation and the destination address.

Problem With Your Order?

Although we strive to ship our orders 100% accurately and in good condition, please let us know immediately if there is a problem with your order. Please send an email to indicating your name, billing address, shipping address, order #, and the nature of the problem and quoting the item # in question (e.g. defective item, wrong item shipped, missing item, etc.).


1.2 Accepted Payment Methods

Customers may pay by check/cheque or money order or by Credit Card (through PayPal). Please state your preferred payment method during the order checkout process. Orders will be shipped when successful payment has been confirmed. If you want your order to be shipped quickly, we recommend that you select Credit Card/PayPal as the payment method because when an order is paid by check/cheque, the check/cheque must clear the financial institution before the order will be shipped.

1.3 Returns Policy – Horse Lovers’ Store (HLS)


Gift Returns: If you wish to return a gift that was sent to you by someone else you must notify the person who sent you the gift because we can only issue a refund to the original order placer/payer.

Non-returnable Items: The following items are not returnable - Building Plans.


Other Stocked HLS Products: can be returned in original and complete condition (person returning the item is responsible for paying all shipping, customs, duty and export taxes where applicable).

Return Process: HLS must receive advance notice of all returns. Customers can return items only based on the above policy. In order to request a return, please send an email to with “Request for Return” in the email subject line and indicate your name, billing address, shipping address, order #, the item # for the returned item, and reason for the return in the body of the email. 


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