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Read these Great Testimonials from Fiske's!

I bought your product while you were here in Calgary for the Masters.  I had to write to tell you that this product is fantastic!  Right now the bugs are terrible...driving the horses crazy.  I covered one side of my horse with your product, the other with a leading insect repellent.  Today I checked and the side with that leading insect repellent is covered in bug bites, sweat marks, bug eggs and lumps where he was bitten...the Fiske side, nothing.  Also as an added bonus, my horse hates that leading insect repellent's smell (chemicals), I have a difficult time wiping his face around his eyes and in his nostrils...your product he doesn't complain about at all.  I will definitely be buying it again and again.  Love it.

--Calgary horse owner, Thanks, Janet Cameron

"The horse flies here are terrible in the summer, and particularly pester my mares despite daily applications of spray and our best efforts, making their chests one big bumpy, itch, flaky, hairless mass of bug bites and small wounds. As I was using your wonderful Fiske's product on hooves, bare patches and small wounds, I painted the bug bites on the mares' chests, around their ears and under their jaws with Fiske's. What a transformation. They seemed to fell relief immediately after I applied the product. The itching, flakiness and discomfort were gone immediately and the flies have stopped biting in those areas, allowing the hair to re-grow. My mares are so much more comfortable too. What a wonderful product! Is there any end to what it can do for horses, hounds and humans? I won't be without it."

--Pamela Allen-LeBlanc, Agr., MBA, Natural Horsemanship Instruction, Durham Bridge,
New Brunswick, Canada

I had been frustrated with my filly Sadie's side. She had a large rash (about the size of a dinner plate) for months. We couldn't figure out if she had rubbed against a patch of poison ivy or some other irritant. After one application of your new Fiske's Skin & Wound Salve, I soon noticed the rash and accompaning tiny bumps were disappearing. My husband Sterling and I have been using Fiske's Hoof & Hide Balm for many years and like it very much. Now we find the salve to be excellent for skin irritants. Many Thanks

--Colette Gates, New Ross, Nova Scotia. 

My name is Bruce Koch, this is the story of my experience with Fiske's Hide and Hoof Balm. I had a tragic incident with my horses in early July I was going down the highway at 110km/hr the gate hinge broke on my trailer and my two horses fell out. One passed from the injuries and the other was badly injured on the rear flank, 14" x 8" area as well as a severe hemorrhage on the back end that required numerous stitches. The veterinarians treated the horse and sent me home with medication and good luck. The hide continued to dry up and fall off; I peeled down to fresh hide hoping the healing process would start. The product I was using was working slow but seemed to be drying up the area and it looked painful. Then Tracey suggested I try Fiske's, her better half owns Eamor?s Saddlery and just started carrying Fiske's and provided a sample bottle to see if this last ditch effort would work. Well it worked extremely well I have gone through the sample bottle, a 1 litre container and am now on the 2.5 litre pail. The area is now the size of my fist and the hair is growing back. I figured that when he was running out to the pasture bucking and kicking that he was ready to ride. 3 weeks ago I attended a branding, they were short ropers, I was hesitant to use him, but roped the first calf and drug him to the pot with not even a flinch from him when the rope touched his flank. I also used it on another horse with a fungus patch on the neck and the patch is just about gone.

So what do I think of Fiske's? It keeps things moist, it's easy to apply and keeps the healing process working and improvement can be seen on an ongoing basis. It saved my horse and that is all that matters. I also use it myself, I suffer from dry cracked hands and this makes them better.

--Bruce Koch * Nanton, Alberta

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