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Our directory includes listings for (1) Breed Associations & Registries, (2) Breeders, (3) Livestock Registries, (4) Government Agencies & Offices, & (5) Other Associations. These lists were created by using several sources and although we strive for accuracy, please advise us of any omissions or errors. If you would like to have a breed association or registry added to our list for free, please email us at 


Andalusians: CANADA: Pacific Association of the Andalusian and Lusitano Horse USA: International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association 

Appaloosa: CANADA: Appaloosa Horse Association of Alberta Appaloosa Horse Society of Canada Nova Scotia Quebec Calgary Eastern Ontario Kawarthas Manitoba Mighty Peace Club Alberta New Brunswick Ontario Appaloosa Breeders Futurity Saskatchewan Appaloosa Club Thunder Bay Ont Club United Ontario Appaloosa Horse Council USA: International Colored Appaloosa Association Inc International Spotted Horse Registry 

Arabians: CANADA: All Arabian Horse Assoc of BC Eastern Canada Quebec Atlantic Canada Alberta B.C. Nova Scotia B.C. Half-Arabian Club Calgary Canadian Partbred Arabian Registry Saskatchewan BC Central Interior Chinook/Alberta 403.647.2544 Manitoba Ottawa Parkland Alberta 403.784.3456 Saskatchewan Strathcona Alberta Thunder Bay ON Vancouver Island West Central Saskatchewan 306.931.7753 Wild Rose Alberta London Ontario USA: International Arabian Horse Association 

Azteca: CANADA: Azteca Horse Association of Canada  

Bashkir  Curly: CANADA: Canadian Curly Horse Association  

Belgian: CANADA: Canadian Belgian Horse Assoc Ontario Belgian Horse Assoc Manitoba Percheron & Belgian Club USA: Belgian Draft Horse Corp of Amercia 

Canadian Horse: Canadian Horse Assoc Rocky Mountain District Quebec Canadian Horse Breeders Assoc 

Caspian Horse: The Caspian Horse Society of the Americas 

Cleveland Bay: Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America 

Clydesdale: CANADA: Alberta Clydesdale Assoc 780.954.3801 Clydesdale Horse Assoc of Canada Manitoba Ontario USA: Clydesdale Breeders of the USA 

Connemara: Canadian Connemara Pony Society 

Dales Pony: Dales Pony Assoc 

Exmoor Pony: Exmoor Pony Enthusiasts 

Fjord: Alberta Fjord Assoc Canadian Fjord Assoc 

Friesian: CANADA: Alberta Friesian Horse Assoc 403.885.0345 Canadian Friesian Horse Assoc Ontario Friesian Horse Assoc USA: Friesian Horse Assoc of North America Friesian Sport Horse Registry 

Hackney: CANADA: Canadian Hackney Society Ontario Hackney Assoc USA: American Hackney Horse Society 

Haflinger: Canadian Haflinger Assoc 

Hanoverians: CANADA: Canadian Hanoverian Society Hanoverian Breeders Club Eastern Canada USA: American Hanoverian Society 

Heavy Horses: CANADA: BC Draft Horse & Mule Assoc 250.374.3378 Central Canada Horse Pulling Assoc  

Holsteiner: The American Holsteiner Association Inc

Icelandic: Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation 

Irish Draught: CANADA: Irish Draught Horse Society of Canada USA: Irish Draught Horse Society N.A. 

Miniature Horse: CANADA: Alberta Miniature Horse Club B.C. Miniature Horse Club Falabella Breeders & Owners Society Manitoba Miniature Horse Club Maritime Miniature Horse Miniature Horse Society of Canada Okanagan Miniature Horse Club Ontario Miniature Horse Club Saskatchewan Miniature Horse Club Valley Miniature Horse Club Vancouver Island Miniature Horse Club Western Canada Miniature Horse Club USA: American Miniature Horse Association American Miniature Horse Registry – The American Shetland Pony Club 

Missouri Fox Trotter: CANADA: Canadian Missouri Foxtrotter Club USA: Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Assoc Inc 

Morab: Canadian Morab Association 

Morgan: CANADA: Alberta Morgan Horse Club BC Interior Morgan Horse Club Canadian Morgan Horse Assoc Inc CMHA – Albert NWT & Nunavet, Atlantic, Yukon, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec Zones Manitoba Morgan Horse Club Morgan Horse Club of Nova Scotia New Brunswick Morgan Horse Club Ontario Morgan Horse Club USA: American Morgan Horse Assoc 

Donkey & Mule: Canadian Mule & Donkey Assoc 

New Forest Pony: New Forest Pony Assoc & Registry 

Newfoundland Pony: Newfoundland Pony Breed Assoc Newfoundland Pony Society 

Oldenburg Verband/Horse Breeders Society: USA: Oldenburg Registry NA 

Paint: CANADA: Alberta Paint Horse Club Quebec BC Eastern Ontario Maritime Ontario Saskatchewan USA: American Paint Horse Assoc 

Palomino: CANADA: Canadian Palomino Horse Assoc USA: Palomino Horse Breeders of America Inc 

Paso Fino: CANADA: Eastern Canada Paso Fino Horse Assoc USA: Paso Fino Horse Assoc Inc 

Percheron: CANADA: Alberta Percheron Club Canadian Percheron Assoc Ontario USA: Percheron Horse Assoc of America 

Peruvian Paso: Peruvian Horse Assoc of Canada Peruvian Horse Club of Alberta Peruvian Horse Club of BC Ontario Saskatchewan 

Pinto: CANADA: Alberta Canadian Pinto Horse Assoc Ontario USA: National Pinto Horse Registry Pony of the Americas: Canadian Pony of the Americas Assoc Manitoba Ontario 705.357.1600

Quarter Horse: CANADA: Canadian Quarter Horse Assoc Alberta QH Racing Assoc Alberta Quebec BC Eastern Ontario Manitoba Maritime Ontario Ontario  Quarter Horse Racing Owners Saskatchewan USA: American Quarter Horse Assoc 

Rocky Mountain Horse: Rocky Mountain Horse Assoc Saddlebred: CANADA: American Saddlebred Horse Assoc of Canada Ontario 905.986.5598 Alberta BC USA: American Saddlebred Horse Assoc 

Shetland Pony: CANADA: Canadian Pony Society USA: American Shetland Pony Club 

Shire: Canadian Shire Horse Assoc 

Spanish Horse: Canadian Assoc for the Pura Raza Espanola Horse-CAPREH 

Sport Horse: CANADA: Canadian Sport Horse Assoc USA: International Sport Horse Registry World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses 

Standardbred: CANADA: Alberta Quebec Atlantic 902.657.3068 BC New Brunswick Performance Standarbreds Ontario Standardbred Canada Standarbred Adoption & Rehabilitation Society 250.881.7758 

Suffolk Punch: American Suffolk Horse Assoc 

Tennessee Walking Horse: Canadian Natural Walking Horse Manitoba Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse Walking Horse News 

Trakehners: CANADA: Canadian Trakehner Horse Society USA:  American Trakehner Association 

Thoroughbred: CANADA: Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society Ontario CTHS USA:  Breeder’s Cup Ltd The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Racing Assoc of North America 

Warmblood: CANADA: CWBHA Nova Scotia Alberta BC Manitoba Quebec Sasktachewan Canadian Warmbloods Horsebreeders Assoc USA: Swedish Warmblood Assoc of NA 

Welsh Pony & Cob: Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Canada BC Quebec Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Canada Saskatchewan 



Akhal-Teke: Bold Vantage Farm

Andalusian: El Caballo Andalusians 705.786.3190


Arabian: Elemar Arabians 519.652.2755

Bashkir Curly: Yanagi Stables Whirlwind Farm Canadian Horse:



Fjord: Bakkens Fjord Farm Bluebird Lane Fjords Trinity Fjords





New Forest Pony:

Paint: Newlove’s Wilderness Paint Ranch 613.358.2476

Sport Horse: Thoroughbred: Warmlood:

Welsh Pony:



Canadian Livestock Records Association

Maritime Bred Breed Registry

Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society

Saskatchewan Horse Ranching Assoc 306.453.2693

Saskatchewan Horse Breeders Assoc


Canadian Food Inspection Agency 

Canadian Olympic Association 

Sport Canada 

Sport Information Resource Centre

Alberta Agriculture Food and Rural Development 

British Columbia Ministry of Animal Health Centre 

Manitoba Agriculture Animal Industry Branch 

New Brunswick Department of Agriculture Livestock Dev’t Section 

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs – Horse Program

PEI Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture



North American Equine Ranching Information Council