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Check out our rural project plans for 2018! Selected sets on sale now...we now have our new large format plans on sale now......see our plans section HERE

Check out all of our contemporary designs for 2018. We offer our unique line of farm-related project plans as well as enhancements for your barn.

Barn Security is a serious issue for all of our Horselovers. We offer some great solutions from security cameras to alarm systems and even cat doors! FREE SHIPPING FOR A LIMITED TIME TOO!
Check out our Barn Security Solutions here.

NEAT STUFF: We're also building a new category of neat stuff! Things that we just think are cool and affordable!

Check out our NEAT STUFF here.


We've also updated our SUPERPLANS category with new building designs including houses, cottages, barns and sheds too!

Check out all of our new superplans here...



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